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Date: April 8, 2016 at 12:21:57 PM PDT
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Subject: WH travel pool report #4

Helos arrived at LAX at 12:13 PM and Obama and Malia disembarked from Marine 1 in the drizzle
They walked over to AF1, chatting and smiling broadly. They waved to a few onlookers and Malia flashed a smile at the press pool.
They walked side by side up the stairs, as Obama put his arm around his daughter at one point.
At 12:20 PM, AF1 is preparing to depart for San Francisco
In SF, Obama will first participate in what the WH says is a "DNC roundtable at a private residence." It's closed to the press.
According to the DNC, the event will include approximately 25 supporters who are contributing up to $33,400.
Obama will later deliver remarks and take questions at a DCCC event at a private residence. Pool will cover his remarks.
According to the DCCC, "Ann Getty and Gordon Getty will host a fundraising dinner at their home in San Francisco
President Obama and Leader Pelosi will attend. This is Leader Pelosi's signature event, held annually at the Getty home."  The event is in support of the DCCC and tickets are $33,400 per couple.

Lesley Clark
White House Correspondent
McClatchy Newspapers

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