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Obama at Manhattan Fundraiser

POTUS spoke for slightly more than 10 minutes to the donors at Danny
Meyers' apartment before taking questions. Here are a few highlights
(please check against the transcript):

"It is a cliche that every election is the most important election of
our lifetimes. This time, it's true."

He then described himself, as he has many times before, as a relay
runner in a race.

"No one person is going to bring about all the change that is necessary."

"We've run a good race and we're much better off now than when I took office."

He ticked off the loss of jobs and prospect of a global depression in
2009. The economy generated 15 million new jobs during his presidency.
Obama highlighted last week's census report, which reported rising
family incomes and a drop in poverty rates.

Obama also cited marriage equality (to applause), the diplomatic
opening to Cuba, and the disarming of nukes in Iran (no applause).

"It's very hard to find an area where we're not better off than we were before."

"We now have one candidate in this race who is prepared to carry on
that same kind of governance. This is somebody who is smart who is
tough...She's displayed it again and again and again."

He said Clinton was "as qualified as any individual who has ever run
for this office."

"Her judgment has been unerring."

"And then there's the other guy."

"Some of you may have business with him. If you have, it doesn't sound
like it's been a pleasant experience." (Scattered giggles)

"This guy's not qualified to be president and he shows no interest in
even gaining the rudimentary knowledge required to make really  tough
decisions on a day to day basis."

Trump, he said, showed "no desire to get up to speed."

He described the Trump campaign as an "infomercial" and a "reality show."

Worse, he said "It's tapping into some of our worst impulses as a country."

"This should not be a close election, but it will be and the reason it
will be is not because of Hillary's flaws, but because structurally,
we've become a very polarized society."

"It's very hard for you to think you're going to vote for someone who
you've been told is taking the country in the wrong direction."

"I will also say there is a reason why we haven't had a woman president."

"We as a society still grapple with what it means to see powerful
woman. And it still troubles us in a lot of ways, unfairly. And that
expresses itself in all sorts of ways."

"The good news is, despite all that, I have confidence in the American
people that we're going to make the right decision and we're going to
win this thing."

Sighted in the crowd, Huma Abedin. The host thanked Michael Douglas,
but he was sitting in a part of the room obscured from pool's view.

Mark Landler
NY Times

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