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In his remarks, POTUS called this years' medal recipients a "particularly impressive class," noting the range of talented individuals, including a "renown character actor like the guy from Space Jam."

POTUS went on to praise each of the recipients individually for their contributions to arts, science, sports and philanthropy. His remarks lasted about a half an hour and ended with a standing ovation for the recipients.

At 3:46 POTUS began awarding the medals, placing each medal on its recipient from behind after the recipient's achievements were read aloud. Each recipient was given ample cheers and applause from the audience. There was some laughter at the height difference between POTUS and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, as POTUS imitated one of the basketball player's move on the court. POTUS had to wave Robert DeNiro up when his name was called. Michael Jordan appeared to whisper "thanks man" to POTUS after receiving his medal. There were a giggle shared between POTUS and Diana Ross when she received her medal as she adjusted her hair for him to place the medal on her. The audience gave out a few calls of "BRUUUUUCE" as Bruce Springsteen received his medal.

POTUS spoke again briefly after the medals had been awarded in remarks that appeared to not be on the TelePrompTer. He said that the each of the recipients had touch him in "very  powerful ways."

"This is what makes us the greatest nation on earth," POTUS said. "Not because differences but because in our differences we find something to share." (Check against transcript please).

Ceremony wrapped up at 4:15, as POTUS said he needed to go back to work, though there is reception for the recipients and their guests after.

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