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A bit of scenery:

After a brilliant and warm Wednesday and surprisingly partly sunny Thursday, the Queen's 90th birthday, the weather in Windsor was a more typical overcast, with occasional sprinkles.

As the pre-set pool walked to the Sovereign's Entrance there were several helicopters hovering in the distance past the castle's famous Round Tower, which was flying the Royal Standard of course to mark the presence of the Queen.

From poolers vantage point Facing the tower, The Royal Guardsmen were positioned facing the left wall of the Quadrangle in front of the right wall in the center of the square.

We positioned under the entranceway just moments before the distinguished couples' arrival. It took the Range Rover two tries to successfully make the somewhat hard right  turn into the entranceway before it came to a stop and the passengers got out.

After the four made their way in for lunch the pool walked back out at the edge of the Quad toward our rather nice hold. As we did so POTUS motorcade was arriving, including the Beast adorned by the Stars and Stripes and Union Jack flags.

A note on the apparent presidential birthday gift for Her Majesty:

Prior to POTUS' arrival during security sweeps at the Royal Farm (near the Royal Dairy, naturally) your pooler spotted what appeared to be the First Couple's gift to Her Majesty, a square two- or three-inch thick rectangular box wrapped in gold paper embossed with the presidential seal. Attached to the lower right corner was a small white envelope with the words "White House" in the upper left corner, addressed to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, written in script.

Our hosts share the following info:

Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh will hold a private lunch for the President and First Lady of the United States in Windsor Castle on
Friday 22nd April.  The lunch will be held in the private dining room.

President and Mrs Obama have been received by The Queen on these previous occasions:

24-26 May 2011
President and Mrs Obama paid a State Visit to the United Kingdom, staying in Buckingham Palace.

1st April 2009
A Private Audience in Buckingham Palace (immediately prior to The Queen hosting G20 in Buckingham Palace).

Other occasions when Presidents of the United States have been received by The Queen at Windsor Castle in recent times:

1.      President and Mrs George W. Bush (Windsor 2008)

2.      President and Mrs Reagan (Windsor 1982)

The Queen has met eleven out of twelve serving US Presidents during Her Majesty's Reign (President Johnson being the only one not being met by The Queen).

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