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A pre-set pool was positioned just off the Sovereign's Entrance at Windsor Castle to witness the arrival of President Obama, the First Lady, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh.

At 12:44 pm BST, as trumpets sounded in the distance, a modest blue Range Rover carrying the two heads of state pulled in from the path around Windsor Castle's meticulously landscaped quadrangle under an overhang at the entrance.

President Obama, stepped out from the front left seat first, buttoned his suit coat and then waited outside for the Queen, who was seated behind him. After her door opened the president first appeared to move toward her to help her out but she stepped out on her own. It appeared after she safely exited the car that she said something to the president about how she often has trouble stepping down from that car. The Queen was wearing a sky blue coat and dress.

As President Obama walked with the Queen to his right toward the two steps into the castle, the First Lady, dressed in a purple overcoat, walked around the back of the car and waited for the Duke, in a tan trenchcoat, to make his way around the front.

After walking in the foyer just a bit out of your pooler's sight line (I could only see the Duke at this point) the two couples appeared to linger a bit in conversation.

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