In-town pool #4

Date: June 6, 2017 at 3:39:20 PM EDT
Subject: In-town pool #4

Reading from prepared remarks in his meeting with congressional leaders, Trump said he has signed 36 bills, created 1 million jobs, and "approved a historic increase in military spending."

"We have increased the stock market values and values of corporations in the public market by $3.6 trillion."

Trump claimed the bills he has signed save American $18 billion annually.

He said the gang MS-13 is being "taken care" of by homeland security secretary John Kelly and that border crossings are down 78%, adding that much used to be made when illegal crossings went down just 1%.

"That's before we have a wall — the wall will be a great help and it will happen, believe me," Trump said.

Continuing down the line of what he wants to get done, POTUS said congress will pass a massive tax cut, which if done as planned "will be the biggest tax cut in our country's history."

He repeated that the core of his agenda is repealing and replacing Obamacare and said insurance carriers are "fleeing and leaving."

"The last statewide insurer in the great state of Ohio is leaving," Trump said. "That means another 20 counties in the state of Ohio will have no health care plan."

After the House passed the AHCA, POTUS said the "Senate I'm sure will follow suit and get a bill across the finish line this summer that will be great health care for Americans."

A separate listening session on the issue of taxes was held and led by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and National Economic Council director Gary Cohn with attendees from Airlines for America, American Association of Railroads, American Trucking Association, UPS and Fedex.

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