In-town pool #4 -- more EO quotes from Interior, corrected quote

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Subject: In-town pool #4 -- more EO quotes from Interior, corrected quote

First, corrected quote, Trump said the order will "end another egregious abuse of federal power." Also, after playing back the tape, it's clear that Trump said of the 9th Circuit ruling, "We'll see them IN the Supreme Court," not AT the Supreme Court.

The president joked that Gov. LePage "has lost a lot of weight. I knew him when he was heavy and now I know him when he's thin. And I like him both ways."

Gov. Calvo of Guam, Gov. Torres of the Northern Mariana Islands were also in attendance.

"Altogether, the previous administration bypassed the states to place over 265 million acres -- that's a lot of land ... and water under federal control through the abuse of the monuments designation," Mr. Trump said. "That's larger than the entire state of Texas."

In December, he said, the Obama administration set aside 1.35 million acres of land for the Bears Ears national monument in Utah.

"I hear it's beautiful," he said. But he said it was created "over the profound objections of the citizens of Utah."

He said the order will "end these abuses and return control to the people, the people of Utah, the people of all of the states..."


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