In-Town Pool Report 1

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Pool were taken to the Roosevelt Room just after 11am where Potus was due to meet representatives from the National Association of Manufacturers sat around the table.

Donald Trump entered and welcomed the group to the White House including the industry group's president Jay Timmons.

Potus said the administration was lifting the burden of "job killing regulations" and the burdens on American industry "like never before." He also referred to his earlier executive order ending the "war on coal" and previewed the executive order signing with Wilbur Ross at 330pm later today.

He hailed a NAM survey showing that 93pc of manufacturers had a positive outlook on the future of their business in the country. A few months ago it had been 56pc, he said. "that's a slight difference" he said, prompting applause.

"It's a new surge in optimism which is sweeping all across our land," he said. The survey was a vote of confidence, he said, in administration plans to bring back jobs and create a level playing field for US workers.

Among the attendees were VP Mike Pence and Stephen Miller. A fuller account of the meeting and dialogue with the manufacturers in attendance will follow but just to note the president declined to comment when asked about Mike Flynn or the Border adjusted tax.

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