In-town Pool Report #1

From: Olivier Knox []
Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2017 8:07 PM
Subject: In-town Pool Report #1

No news.

On this chilly winter’s night, Marine One pulled into view at about 7:46 pm, and its left front tire kissed the removable landing pad on the South Lawn at 7:48 pm. A minute later, the Marine lowered and secured the front and back stairs. At 7:50 pm, President Trump emerged from the helicopter. He walked toward the residence, glancing a couple of times in the direction of the Oval Office, which was dark. The President responded to waves from the pool with a wave and a thumbs-up. He strode into the residence wordlessly.

From the rear door of Marine One, hidden in the darkness that swallowed up most of the South Lawn, came several aides. Your pooler recognized Joe Hagin, and spotted Mike Flynn, Steve Bannon, and Katie Walsh, all of whom walked into the West Wing.

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