in-town pool report #1/return to White House

From: "Gillman, Todd"
Date: August 20, 2017 at 8:44:35 PM EDT
Subject: in-town pool report #1/return to White House

Marine One touched down on the South Lawn at 8:29 pm under a cloudless sky.

Travel/photo lid called at 8:40.

Shortly after landing, the president emerged from the helicopter with Mrs. Trump and their son Barron, and with Marine One pilot, Maj. Randall White. POTUS waved a few times and shot a thumbs up toward the press pen.

White's family was on hand, excitedly watching the landing amid the press pool. This was his last flight after four years flying Marine One, according to is wife, Lisa. She brought their kids, Clay and Keira. Her husband's parents also were on hand, William and Lynn White. The president called all of them through the ropes. He kissed the pilot's wife, chatted with all of them. The three Trumps posed for photos with the entire White family and then the president called out "Randall, thanks very much."

The Trumps then entered the White House. Moments later, the trio walked the Colonnade into the West Wing and the pool was ushered through the Palm Room doors, so we didn't see if the president went to the Oval Office.

The Pods are gone. Lights were on in the redecorated Oval.

Mrs. Trump was wearing sunglasses throughout. Barron's T-shirt reads: "On your mark tiger shark"

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