In-town pool report #10

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Sent: Monday, February 13, 2017 9:24 PM
Subject: In-town pool report #10

Comments of POTUS on Steven Mnuchin at his swearing in ceremony in the Oval Office:

TRUMP: It is my great honor tonight, to present to the American people our new Treasury secretary of the U.S., Steven Mnuchin. Steven I want to congratulate you, a lot of people wanted that position, a lot of people. A lot of very successful people. But I’ve known you for a long time and I know how smart you are and how great you will be. So congratulations to you, to Louise, and to your whole family.

Americans should know that in Steven, our nation’s financial system is truly in great hands. With him, we’re going to have no problem, believe me. Once again, with this appointment I am following through on my promise to appoint only the very best and the very brightest. Steven is a financial legend with an incredible track record of success, I’ve watched this over the years, he’s been my friend of many, many years—everything he’s touched he’s turned to gold. He’s done an amazing job and that’s what we want for our country.

He’s distinguished himself through decades of achievement in finance and banking and has a degree of skill, talent and insight that few will ever be able to match. He has spent his entire career making money in the private sector, and that’s okay. Especially when you’re secretary of the Treasury, that’s what we want. Now he will go to work on behalf of the American taxpayer.

To all citizens I say, Steven will be your champion, and a great champion. He will fight for middle class tax reductions, financial reforms, and open up lending and create millions of new jobs, and fiercely defend the American tax dollar and our financial security. And he will also defend our manufacturing jobs from those who cheat and steal and rob us blind. It won’t be that anymore, we won’t have that anymore. Countries and others won’t be able to take advantage of us, it’s a whole new era.

Steven knows the system and he will help ensure that Wall Street plays by the rules. He will use his insights to get the best possible result, most importantly, for the American worker. They’ve been treated very unfairly for a long time, not anymore. He will put his skills to work for America’s working families and he will help make America the greatest jobs magnet on the face of the earth. It will truly be for our country, for the first time in a long time, a rising tide that lifts all boats and that lifts all ships.

Steven I want to again congratulate you and Louise on this unbelievably high honor, this is one of the great honors. I know you will carry your office with dedication, integrity and passion. Tremendous passion. You have much very important work ahead for the American citizens and you will absolutely, no problem. He’ll work 24 hours a day, I know. He’ll work 28 hours a day if they give him the extra four hours. He will be very, very special. So I’d like to just say, so importantly, God bless you, God bless America, and congratulations.


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