in town pool report 2: more NGA dinner and lid

From: "Diaz, Kevin B"
Date: February 26, 2017 at 8:39:59 PM EST
Subject: in town pool report 2: more NGA dinner and lid

Lid called at 8:38 pm.

Two additional details from red carpet east: Va. Gov. Terry McAuliffe and his wife Dorothy were seated at the center table with the president and first lady. After McAuliffe’s toast “To the President of the United States” he approached Potus and the two shook hands and embraced. Pool was ushered out immediately after that, but it appeared that Potus and the First Lady were occupying opposite sides of their table, not sitting side by side. WH reportedly working on list of attendees, but as per Potus remarks in pool report 1, there were 46 governors at the dinner – a record which seemed to delight the president.

McAuliffe also noted that the dinner was the first formal dinner of the Trump presidency, which he took as a particular honor for the governors.

The president, who reportedly doesn’t drink, was seen toasting with a wine glass that appeared to be filled with water.

More on ball versus dinner. Event was billed as a ball, but there didn’t seem to be ANY room for dancing in the State Dining Room – unless they were planning on clearing out the tables after dinner. Pool notes however, that the Marine Band was playing elegant jazz music in the WH foyer, their usual place.

Pool suspects more than a few guests were going to repair to a TV to watch the Academy Awards….

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