In town Pool Report #3

From: "Freedman, Dan"
Date: February 24, 2017 at 9:38:33 AM EST
Subject: In town Pool Report #3

Spokesman Sean Spicer had strong words for the media, particularly CNN, on the White House-FBI contacts story.
"What you guys have done is indefensible and inaccurate," he said, quite heatedly.
He pointed to TV chyron (new word for pooler) about White House asking FBI to deflate story.
Spicer argued to reporters that asking what can be done when FBI says a story is BS was a natural human reaction. If Priebus had just walked away, 'how insane would that be?' Spicer said.
He also said that if the WH put out a story that proved inaccurate, reporters would ask what steps WH is taking to set the record straight? But media won't apply same logic in this case, which Spicer characterized as duplicitous. "What sane person would not want to set the record straight?'
Dan Freedman
Hearst Newspapers

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