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Here are some highlights from the opening remarks at the Quad meeting. Please check against cable feeds when those are available, as your pooler had to sit on the floor under a tripod in order to get semi clear audio. Our press section was blocked by television monitors!

Would be happy to send the audio along to folks. Just give me a digital shout.

Biden: "A free and open Indo-Pacific is essential...the United States is committed to working with you, our partners, and all of our allies in the region to achieve stability. This is a group particularly important because it is dedicated to the practical  solutions and concrete results."

"Yesterday, I signed into law the American Rescue Plan to get the American people through this pandemic and kickstart our economy, our economic recovery. Get meaningful help in the hands of people who need it most. Consequently, this week, the OECD revised up its expected rate of growth in the United States this year. The consequence of that is inflation. In fact, it doubled, from 3.2 percent to 6.5 percent."

"It is critical because the OECD also predicted that the United States economic growth [...] will be a key driver in global growth this year and our trade partners around the globe will benefit as a consequence. To get this right we'll have to focus on generating domestic demand and driving sustainable global growth."

"We've got a big agenda ahead of us gentlemen as you well know, but I'm optimistic about our prospects. The Quad is going to be vital in our cooperation in the Indo-Pacific and I look forward to looking closely to working with all of you in the coming years."

The other world leaders expressed similar excitement and willingness to collaborate in the Indo-Pacific region.



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