In town pool report #5

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June 30, 2017

In answer to numerous questions, your pooler will describe the scene
in the Oval Office in more detail.

The pool, which included a large contingent of Korean media, was quite
large, larger than usual.

Secret Service asked Korean media to stop running as they entered the
room. There was a lot of jostling as the Korean media, unfamiliar with
the Oval Office, worked their way around the two chairs to get a good

As the pool got situated in the room, a sofa moved and a lamp on a
nearby table was almost knocked over. US aide Keith Schiller caught it
before it fell.

POTUS looked visible annoyed.

"You are getting worse," he said to the room of reporters. "You
knocked over a table."

"It's actually a very friendly press, don't let them get you," he said
to Moon, "although  they just broke a table."

Your pooler can attest to the problem as my head was hit with a
videocamera on the way into the Oval and a still camera in the room.

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