In-town pool report #5: Departure

From: Rob Crilly <
Sent: Monday, January 4, 2021 6:28 PM
Subject: In-town pool report #5: Departure
POTUS emerged from Oval Office at 18:21 with Ivanka Trump. He walked past pool without responding to shouted questions. He made initially for Marine One but then headed across to supporters gathered in front of residence, who shouted "USA, USA, USA." He paused there with Ivanka for just a moment before heading back to Marine One.
Mark Meadows, Stephen Miller, Nick Lunar, Dan Scavino also boarded Marine One.
Marine One wheels up at 18:27.
Before leaving the Oval Office, POTUS could be seen talking with VP Pence. Mark Meadows, Marc Short and Ivanka Trump could also all be glimpsed through the windows.

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