In town pool report #6

From: "Kumar, Anita"
Date: June 30, 2017 at 12:20:59 PM EDT
Subject: In town pool report #6

June 30, 2017

POTUS and President Moon walked into the Rose Garden at 11:45 a.m.

Their remarks were open press.

After each man spoke, the two shook hands. Neither man took questions. POTUS ignored numerous shouted questions, including one about whether he would apologize to Mika Brzezinski and whether he tried to blackmail MSNBC hosts.

It was extremely hot as a blistering sun beat down with very little breeze.

Spotted: Kellyanne Conway, Gary Cohn and Jared Kushner

The presidents departed at 11:59 am.


Also, thanks to fellow pooler, Voice of America's Pete Heinlein, who caught much fuller remarks of Wilbur Ross in the Cabinet Room earlier:

"The trade imbalance of South Korea has doubled since the KORUS treaty was put into effect. And the largest single component of that is automotive trade. That’s an absolute majority. There are a lot of non-tariff trade barriers to US exports. "

"Only 25,000 US cars per Big 3 manufacturer are allowed in based on US standards."

"Anything above that needs to be Korean standards. So that kind of rule-making affects quite a few industries and really restricts the access US companies have to the Korean market."

"We have a separate problem with oil field tubular goods and other steel products. There is no domestic market for oil field tubular goods in Korea. Everything they make is for export. And we’ve had recent trade cases demonstrating that a lot of that is dumped Chinese steel coming as hot rolled coil and then coming back to the United States as oilfield tubular goods. So there are a lot of very specific problems, and the way to address is to deal product by product." With what we can do to change the export side and what we can do to reduce the bad import side."


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