In-town Pool Report #6

From: Kaitlan Collins
Date: March 28, 2017 at 2:55:41 PM EDT
Subject: In-town Pool Report #6

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry took the stage at the EPA headquarters ahead of the bill signing.

"Thank you for hosting us here today," Perry said. "This is an important day, an important opportunity. Today we are taking another step, a great step in breaking restraints that have become burdens. Mr. President, as important the action you're about to take is, its the reaction from private sector, from these individuals standing to my left, that will be [inaudible.]

"Our partnership with the private sector is vital to our ability to deliver on the energy outcomes."

Perry said he has seen the downside of poorly designed government policies that have resulted in distorted markets.

"We see coal miners who have been sidelined without a thought given to their future. This executive order will begin the process to unravel the red tape that has been keeping us on the sidelines."

He said the president told him he wanted American not to be just energy dependent, but "energy dominant."

Perry then introduced Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke.

"Our nation can't run on pixie dust and coal," Zinke said. (Check transcript, but your pooler is 99% sure this was his quote.)

"The world is safer when America is strong, and our strength relies on energy."

Zinke then introduced Administrator Scott Pruitt, who said it was "an exciting day." Pruitt then introduced Vice President Mike Pence.

"Over 130 coal mines have been shut down lately," Pence said. "Those days are over, because the war on coal is over. Everyone here knows the truth, that affordable energy fuels the American economy."

"It's greatest privilege of my life to serve for the man who gets up every day to fulfill his promise to American people."

Then POTUS entered the room at 2:14 to applause from the miners on stage and standing ovation from those in chairs that lasted for about 60 seconds. (Press wrangler has said a list of attendees is forthcoming.) Pence, Zinke, Perry and Pruitt all stood behind the president as he spoke.

"Thank you," Trump said. "I very much appreciate it, and thank you to our great Vice President Mike Pence. I want to give special thanks to Administrator Scott Pruitt, Zinke, and Perry."

He told Perry to run energy "like he ran Texas."

"We have a very impressive group here to celebrate start of new era in American energy. The action I'm taking today will eliminate federal overreach and allow our workers to thrive, compete and succeeed on a level playing field for first time in a long time."

"You people know it better than anybody. Over the past two years I've spent time with miners all over America. They told me about struggles they endured..."

POTUS said he visited coal miners in West Virginia, where their love for the job was apparent.

"I fully understand that. I did real estate. Until this recent little exclusion into politics, I could not understand why people wouldn't want to be in world of real estate."

"The miners told me about attacks on their jobs, efforts to shut down the mines, their communities and very way of life."

As Trump finished speaking, he shook hands with the miners behind him. Then, flanked by those miners, Trump signed the executive order at 2:27 p.m.

"You know what it says, right?" He joked. "You're going back to work."

Pool was ushered out at 2:28 p.m. as music played. Your pooler could not identify the song, but it was not "You Can't Always Get What You Want" by the Rolling Stones, like usual.

Pool departed EPA at 2:32.

Kaitlan Collins
White House Correspondent
The Daily Caller

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