In-town Pool Report No. 6: Trump vows wall will get built

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Subject: In-town Pool Report No. 6: Trump vows wall will get built

In-town Pool Report No. 6

At a meeting of agriculture leaders to sign a new executive order, President Trump commented briefly on his plan to build a wall on the border with Mexico. Responding to questions from the pool, Trump said, “The wall is going to get built.” He vowed that construction would begin soon. More to come momentarily once I listen to the audio.

Trump signed an executive order to promote agriculture and establish an interagency task force on agriculture rural prosperity to be led by Agriculture Secretary Perdue. Trump said he wants to "make life better" for farmers, ranchers and other workers to get rid of regulations and make them prosperous.

As he walked into the room, Trump said "Great farmers! We love our farmers." He noted “America’s noble farming tradition.”

Trump mentioned the plight of dairy farmers up in Wisconsin and elsewhere and talked about Canada's influence on the dairy industry.

"This has been going on for a while and we're not going to put up with it,” Trump said.

Referencing the new tariff on soft wood lumber, Trump said, "People don't realize Canada's been very rough on the United States...they've outsmarted our politicians for years."

Trump said, "We don't want to be taken advantage of by other countries and that's stopping and that's stopping fast."

Trump signed the order and gave his pen to Perdue.

He was joined by Vice President Pence, who sat at the end of the table, and Perdue, who sat to the president’s right.

Below is a list of participants in the meeting, as provided by the White House:

•   Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue

•   Lisa Johnson-Billy, farmer and former OK House member, Lindsay, OK

•   Luke Brubaker, Brubaker Farms, Mount Joy, PA

•   Hank Choate, Choate’s Belly Acres, Cement City, MI

•   Tom Demaline, Willoway Nurseries, Avon, OH

•   Zippy Duval, President of American Farm Bureau Federation and a farmer from Greensboro, GA

•   Valerie Early, National FFA Central Region Vice President and former 4-H member, Wykoff, MN

•   Lynetta Usher Griner, Usher Land and Timber, Inc., Fanning Springs, FL (also farms in the state of KS)

•   A.G. Kawamura, Orange County Produce, Newport Beach, CA

•   James Lamb, Lamb Farms and Prestage Farms, Clinton, NC

•   Bill Northey, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture and farmer, Spirit Lake, IA

•   Jose Rojas, VP of Farm Operations for Hormel, Colorado Springs, CO

•   Terry Swanson, Swanson Farms, Walsh, CO

•   Maureen Torrey, Torrey Farms, Elba, NY

•   Steve Troxler, NC Commissioner of Agriculture and farmer, Browns Summit, NC

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