In town pool/ VPOTUS pool #1

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Subject: In town pool/ VPOTUS pool #1

Shulkin swearing in.

Pool was led into the Vice President's Office in the EEOB a few minutes after 3 p.m. for David Shulkin's swearing in for Veterans Affairs. VP Pence, Shulkin and his family entered the room at 3:18 pm. Spotted Sen. Johnny Isakson, chair of the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs, in the first row. Pence also called out Sen. Tester and Reps. Roe and Walz.

Pence said Shulkin is a "fine fit for the role," saying that his qualifications and compassion led to his unanimous confirmation in the Senate.

"Few duties of the federal government are as important as fulfilling what President Lincoln promised, which is that we as a nation would quote care for him who shall have bourne the battle," Pence said. "We know you'll be a great benefit, not so much to the Department of Veterans Affairs as to our heroes across this country...were grateful for your continued service."

After taking the oath from Pence, Shulkin offered brief remarks:

"This is really such an honor to be able to serve our veterans. And I have such a obligation and duty that I feel to making sure that we give our veterans everything that they deserve," Shulkin said.

"We know that we have a lot of work to do," Shulkin said. "And that's what I plan to do as secretary."

We were brought back out at 3:27 pm and we're now holding in the EEOB for another event -- presumably a McMahon swearing in, based on VPOTUS schedule.

John Fritze

The Baltimore Sun


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