In-town print pool #4

From: "Markay, Lachlan"
Date: May 4, 2017 at 3:55:40 PM EDT
Subject: In-town print pool #4

At his Rose Garden press conference, President Trump expressed confidence that the American Health Care Act would pass the Senate.

“I feel so confident,” he said to kick things off this afternoon. The health care fight, he added, “has brought the Republican Party together.”

In addition to the president and vice president, we heard from a number of speakers, including HHS secretary Tom Price, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services administrator Seema Verma and a number of House leaders and committee chairs, including Speaker Ryan, Leader McCarthy, Whip Scalise, and Reps. Walden, Black, Brady, Meadows, and MacArthur.

“The journey continues,” the president said in conclusion. “We will get it done.”

Trump was in a cheery enough mood that he added, “I even want to thank the media.” That got a few laughs.

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