Intown pool report #4

From: Anita Kumar
Date: June 30, 2017 at 11:27:36 AM EDT
Subject: Intown pool report #4

June 30, 2017

Pool now waiting in the Ross Garden for joint statements.

More from the Cabinet Room:

The soft spoken Wilbur Ross could be barely be heard by your pooler
over the cameras and the nearby translator:
"Our trade imbalance with South Korea has doubled since the training
was put into place."

"As you know, our biggest problem with trade is our economic
relationship with China. We have a very large trade deficit with China
which continues to grow. As Wilbur said, China has many predatory
practices involving intellectual property, trade barriers for us. We
are forced to transfer technology to China. We are forced to have
joint ventures in China. We have tariff and non tariff barriers."
"At some point, we would be interested to hear how you are dealing
with Chinese policies and how you can help us deal with Chinese

POTUS spoke one more time at the end:
"The United States has many many trade deficits with many countries
and we cannot allow that. We will start with South Korea right now.
But we cannot allow that to continue.... For many many years the
United States was suffering from massive trade deficits. This is why
we have $20 trillion in debt."

"I appreciate very much that South Korea has given very big orders to
the United States for military... many F 35 fighter jets from
Lockheed. They are buying other military equipment at a level they've
never reach before so that's good. Also I understand you're dealing
with Alaska. Great state on natural gas.....things like that will
bring down the trade deficit. We appreciate that very much."

Your pooler has asked for a complete list of US officials in the room.

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