Ivanka Trump pool report #3 - expanded remarks

From: Nikki Schwab
Date: June 14, 2017 at 2:11:35 PM EDT
Subject: Fwd: Ivanka Trump pool report #3 - expanded remarks

Here are fuller quotes:


"I'd like to start by echoing my father's statement earlier and offering our thoughts and prayers to Congressman Scalise and all of the victims in today's tragic events. We are grateful for their service and their dedication to this country."

"And thank you everyone for traveling here to be with us today."

"My father said this morning that it's time likes these that we must all work together for our country."

Said they planned to do "just that."


"In traveling during the course of the campaign we heard from companies and businesses, including many here in this room, about the challenges you face in finding job candidates with the necessary skills and certifications to fill your available jobs."

"Sadly," Ivanka Trump said, we're seeing a "skills gap."

"We're at a tipping point when it comes to workforce development."

Ivanka Trump said she was concerned with the "gender and minority wage gap."

"Just yesterday we were in Wisconsin at the Waukesha Technical College and we saw amazing, energized students and met with excited, enthusiastic employers."

"Workforce development is critical. The skills gap is real."

"We thank you for being here. I'd like to thank Secretary Ross, Secretary Chao, Secretary Acosta, Administrator McMahon, NEC director Gary Cohn, who's here as well with us today, and Dina Powell."

Ivanka Trump spoke for just under four minutes. She then handed the floor over to Reed Cornish, assistant to the president, to lead today's discussion. Pool was pulled out after 7 minutes. Apologies for not being able to provide fuller quotes on workforce development, we were working with an extremely echo-ey room in the OEOB.


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