Out of town pool #1

From: Adrian Carrasquillo
Date: June 10, 2017 at 11:28:11 AM EDT
Subject: Out of town pool #1

Good morning from a dark room in the Hyatt in Branchburg, New Jersey, six miles away from Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster where the president is spending the day.

A spokesman says "the president is following the emerging situation in Afghanistan," referring to two American soldiers killed by an Aghan soldier.

Rick Waddell from the NSC is here to brief the president, the spokesman said.

Pool repeatedly asked what the president is doing today at his golf course and whether he's taking any meetings, having working meetings from the course, or playing golf but were told the administration will send an update when and if they get one. We will continue asking.

And with that we have a brunch lid until 6 pm.


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