Out-of-town pool report #5

From: Franco Ordonez
Date: March 19, 2017 at 1:44:41 PM EDT
Subject: Out-of-town pool report #5

During an informal briefing with the pool, White House deputy press
secretary Lindsay Walters clarified that photos of POTUS with
supporters that appeared on a local network broadcast were actually
taken on Saturday.

Walters explained that POTUS saw a handful of supporters on the side
of the road Saturday holding signs for him. Staff was asked to find
them and bring them back to Mar-a-Lago.

“He wanted to thank them and invited them back. They came back and he
briefly spoke to them, thanked them and took a few photos,” Walters

Separately, on background from a White House official, the White House
addressed questions that they’ve received about Sen. Ted Cruz
mentioning on Face the Nation that he visited Mar-a-Lago Saturday.

The White House official confirmed the visit, but said Cruz did not
meet with POTUS. Cruz met with White House staff, including Bannon and
other senior staff.

POTUS unseen today by this pooler.

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