Out of town Pool Report #8

From: "Ordonez, Franco"
Date: June 21, 2017 at 7:10:03 PM CDT
Subject: Out of town Pool Report #8

At 7:55 p.m .EST, motorcade arrived at the U.S. Cellular Center. We arrived via a back entrance. Pooler did not see protesters, but reporter from Des Moines Register said large contingent of Planned Parenthood protesters outside.

Its an excited crowd at the U.S. Cellular Center waving flags and dancing to Neil Young's Rock in the Free World. Lots of Red USA and Make America Great hats. Blue signs that read "Drain the Swamp" and Pin signs that read "Women for Trump."

The crowd went wild as POTUS arrived at  8:02. They chanted USA. USA.

Trump spoke in front of a large U.S. flag.  A few minute after POTUS began to speak, a group of about a dozen protesters started to blow whistles and ripped up the Trump signs they were holding. They were quickly drowned out by USA chants before being escorted out of the arena.

Press is here. letting them cover the speech. .


Franco Ordoñez
White House Correspondent
McClatchy Washington Bureau
The Miami Herald & El Nuevo Herald
Twitter: @francoordonez

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