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Vice President Mike Pence appeared in the Indian Treaty Room the Executive Office Building for an event honoring veterans. About 200 people were there, mostly veterans of WWII, Korean and Vietnam. Many veterans wore jackets that had "All gave some, some gave all" printed on back.

Veterans were in DC through the Honor Flight program: The event honored Public Service Recognition Week and National Military Appreciation Month.

Pence was joined by VA Secretary David Shulkin and his wife Karen Pence.

Pence, who spoke from 2:15 until 2:33 PM, acknowledged veterans present from each war. He noted that his father served in Korea and he has a son serving in the Marines. He stressed President Trump's support for the military and planned increase in defense spending. He noted Trump’s signing last week of a bill that extends a VA program that allowed some veterans to seek medical care outside of the department's troubled health system. He remained behind shaking hands after he spoke.

A few quotes from Pence:

"You went to war as boys and you became men and those men won freedom and we will never, ever forget your service to this nation."

"On behalf of your commander in chief I'm here to say thanks and to salute your service. But know that you have more than just our thanks. Under President Donald Trump you have a leader, a tireless defender of our American military and our veterans, a commander in chief who I promise you is fighting every single day for all of you.”

"We're going to give those who served most the best health care system in the world. Last month President Trump signed into law the Veteran’s Choice Act to give our heroes the choices they deserve for world class health care.”

"He's been fighting every day since the outset of this administration to give our armed forces the resources and the support they need to accomplish their mission and come home safe.”

On defense spending: “This is the biggest investment in military readiness in nearly a decade and we’re just getting started. This was a victory for the American people and for our national security.”

“Thanks to President Trump's strong leadership, national defense is now coming first."

Catherine Lucey

White House Reporter

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