Pence radio pool report 8

From: Tamara Keith
Date: February 22, 2017 at 2:25:33 PM CST
Subject: Pence radio pool report 8

Pence has wrapped up his remarks. The audio is on My rough notes are below. The newsiest bit comes about six minutes into his remarks when he talked firmly and at some length about the vandalism at the Jewish cemetery in St. Louis.

Here is the quote: “We condemn this vile act of vandalism and those that perpetrate it in the strongest possible terms.”

(there is much more) but...

We are rolling now at 3:24.

06:20 Before we get started I would like to address something that happened over the weekend.
Jewish Cemetery.
6:44 President Trump called this a harmful and painful attack and it was.
7:03 We condemn this vile act and those who perpetrate it in the strongest possible terms.
People of Missouri who have rallied around the Jewish community inspire the country.
7:50 Visited Dachau concentration camp with a survivor. He spoke words that touched my heart.
8:31 He spoke of that hellish existence in the waning days of war and then he said to me, then the Americans came. He spoke of the kindness of the American soldiers that liberated that camp.
9:10 Join me in a round of applause for every man and woman who has worn the uniform of the united states of America. The American soldier fought to end the hatred of jewish people then.
9:50 As president trump said yesterday, America will fight bigotry and hatred in every way.
11:07 Fabick Cat is a true American success story. So many people rely on  what you do. What you and the family has done here for 100 years has made Missouri great and it will make America great again.
11:45 To all the small business owners here, President Trump is your biggest fan.
11:55 President Trump is the best friend American small businesses will ever have.
13:15 When small business is strong, America is strong. On day one we went right to work on a plan to cut taxes for small businesses and family farms. Signed executive orders on regulations.
13:55 We are rolling back taxes and we’re rolling back red tape already thanks to you.
14:15 Uphold the immigration laws of America.
Businesses are already responded to buy American hire American again. They are already announcing their plans to hire more people. Their investments are a vote of confidence in the agenda of Donald Trump.
15:10 The nightmare of Obamacare is about to end. Despite the best efforts of liberal activists at town halls around the country, Obamacare has failed and it has got to go.
15:50 Americans are now paying more for insurance and millions of Americans have lost their plans and their doctors.
16:35 Obamacare is a job killer and everybody knows it. Get rid of its mandates and taxes and intrusions on your businesses.
17:00 It is going to be replaced with something that actually works. That is why we are working on a market driven law. Working with congress to let people purchase insurance across state lines like car insurance and life insurance.
17:50 Working with congress to give states the flexibility to help those most in need in a way that will work in the state, in each individual state.
18:17 We are committed to an orderly transition despite what liberals tell you.
18:40 We truly believe individual responsibility and freedom of choice, free markets will make a better health system.
19:10 Joke: tax code 10 times the size of the bible with none of the good news.
19:55 We are going to get this economy moving again.
21:30 Infrastructure – best roads, airports, on earth.
21:57 We are going to rebuild America, hire American. Rebuild America with American workers and American tools.
22:20 Some of you may have noticed that president Trump authorized the construction of the keystone pipeline and Dakota access pipeline.
23:30 Let America hear from you. President Trump and I will work with congress on this agenda.  America needs to hear from small business.  
24:19 Tell people the Trump administration is doing what they said they would do.

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Audio of the Pence tour of Fabick Cat is on (there are two files). No news broke out but he did stop at several stations to learn about how Fabick Cat rebuilds Caterpillars. He seemed very interested and at one point was encouraged to turn a red knob that made a drill bit spin quite loudly.

Pence is speaking now. He was introduced by MO Governor Greitens.

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