Pool #2 -- outside portion of Made in America showcase

From: "Benning, Tom"
Date: July 17, 2017 at 3:41:45 PM EDT
Subject: Pool #2 -- outside portion of Made in America showcase

A pop-up thunderstorm delayed the start of the showcase, but POTUS and VPOTUS walked onto a damp South Lawn at 3:11 pm.

They spent about five minutes milling about some giant machines on the South Lawn: a yacht from Hinkley Yachts in Maine, a fork life from Taylor Machine Works in Mississippi, an excavator from DitchWitch in Oklahoma, a fire truck from Pierce Manufacturing in Wisconsin.

There was also Connecticut-made Marine One in its usual spot.

POTUS, wearing a blur and white striped tie, knocked on the side of a Caterpillar. And he then hopped up into the fire truck, as VPOTUS held open the door. "Where's the fire?" POTUS said. "I'll put it out." He then added that the truck was beautiful.

POTUS briefly chatted with some CEOs outside the White House entrance before continuing to the menagerie of Americana that filled up the Blue Room, the Red Room, the State Dining Room and the East Room. There was everything from golf clubs (PING Golf of Arizona) to fried chicken (Chick-fil-A of Georgia) to door hinges (Beehler Corporation of Missouri) to beer (Rhode Island's Narragansett , the favorite of many a D.C. hipster).

POTUS and VPOTUS spent a couple minutes  at seemingly ever display. More color to come from the interactions we observed, along with POTUS' forthcoming remarks in the East Room.


Tom Benning
The Dallas Morning News
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