Pool 2: State Dining Room spray

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Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2017 1:28 PM
Subject: Pool 2: State Dining Room spray

Again, no remarks/news.

Pool went directly from the first spray in the Oval to the State Dining Room to preset for arrival of POTUS, the Deputy Crown Prince and the U.S. and Saudi delegations. An empty table had 10 place settings, five on one side facing toward the East Room, three on the other side facing the Lincoln portrait, and two seats at opposite one another at the head of the table. Glasses of water were beside each setting. Two bouquets of flower adorned the table.

At 1:14 pm, POTUS entered from cross hall and then stood to wait for bin Salman, reaching out to shake his hand after he followed him in.

The two delegations then took their seats, with an usher in black tie pulling out the president's chair as he took his. Pool was ushered out at this time.

Taking seats on the U.S. side, from left to right facing them: Bannon, McMaster, POTUS, Kushner, Priebus. Pool was told that Dina Powell would be taking the seat at the head of the table beside Priebus.

Pool has asked for names and titles of the Saudi delegates. Bin Salman sat directly across from POTUS.

Mike Memoli



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