Pool report #1

From: George Condon
Date: July 24, 2017 at 11:51:21 AM EDT
Subject: Pool report #1

The pool was unexpectedly summoned to the East Room at 11:35 to view the president posing for a picture with White House interns whose tenure here is ending Aug. 11. He called them “a good group of talented people” who did a great job. He seemed to be enjoying himself and was in good spirits.

The interns were standing in five tiered rows of about 25 in each row. The president was in the middle of the interns, standing in the third tier. Two questions shouted by the pool drew giggles and laughter from the interns and no answers from the president. Asked “should Jeff Sessions resign,” he did not answer but told the interns, “They’re not supposed to do that.” At the second question of whether he had any message on health care, he responded, “Be quiet,” triggering more laughter as the pool was ushered out.

George Condon, National Journal

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