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Pool was ushered into Oval Office at 9:59 am to watch POTUS' video conference with Peggy Whitson and other NASA astronauts in space. POTUS was seated at the Desk with Ivanka Trump on his left and Kate Rubins, an astronaut, on his right.

"That's what we like, great American equipment that works," POTUS joked when the connection was made to the feed from space.

POTUS congratulated Whitson on breaking a record for most time spent in space and questioned the NASA astronauts on the technology they're using, among other things.

POTUS asked about the timeline for placing humans on Mars, and said he would like to speed up the timeline to get that done "at worst, during my second term."

"I have great respect for you folks, it's amazing what you do." POTUS said.

"Many American entrepreneurs are racing into space," POTUS said, noting he has "many friends" who want to get involved in commercial space-related activity.

POTUS also noted there is "tremendous military application in space."

"Who's ready to go to Mars up there?" POTUS asked the astronauts.

Ivanka Trump asked Rubins and Whitson about their inspiration for studying science and what a typical day in the life of an astronaut is like.

Pool was escorted out of the Oval at 10:18 am.

Your pool also saw Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Reince Priebus, Jared Kushner and Sean Spicer in the room.

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