Pool report #1

From: Breanna Edwards
Date: April 17, 2017 at 10:40:22 AM EDT
Subject: Pool report #1

Good morning from the White House on this overcast and slightly nippy Monday (Easter Egg Roll day!). The sun is fighting to come through but it looks like a hard battle. Nonetheless that doesn't seem to be dampening the mood at the Easter Egg Roll.

Pool was escorted on to the South Lawn at 10:05 am into the hustle and bustle of the lines. Your pooler has a good view of one of the egg roll locations where the little ones are waiting to participate. Your pooler spotted the Easter Bunny (identity unknown) in the distance. There's also a huge line waiting for the president to speak.

There was a slight downpour for about 5 minutes as your pooler was waiting but now it has died down to a drizzle.

The Marine Band marched to the front of the residence at 10:15am and is serenading the crowd.

POTUS, FLOTUS, and Barron Trump walked out to the balcony of the residence accompanied by the Easter Bunny at 10:25am. POTUS is wearing his classic dark suit, white shirt and red tie. Flotus has on a light pink sleeveless dress and Barron is wearing a dark suit with a light blue shirt and no tie. All three Trumps stood at attention with their right hands over their hearts for the national anthem.

Trump started speaking at 10:27am.

"We will be stronger and bigger and better as a nation than ever before and we are right on track....Thanks you everybody for coming."

"we're going to do cards for soldiers. Melania and Barron and myself are going to sign some cards for some great troops... We're going come out and join you... for a great Easter egg roll."

"I've seen those kids and they're highly, highly competitive."

I just want to thank FLOTUS. She's been working on this for a long time to make it perfect... I want to congratulate her on this wonderful, wonderful day."

POTUS finished remarks at 10:29 and FLOTUS began speaking.

First time my husband and I are hosting this wonderful tradition. It's great that all of you are here with us today. I want to thank the military band, staff and all the volunteers who worked tirelessly to make sure you enjoy the activities.

I want to thank the military...all around the world who are keeping us safe.

FLOTUS finished speaking at 10:30am

POTUS finished up wishing everyone a great Easter and ensuring the crowd that he'd be coming down to join them.

FLOTUS, POTUS and Barron walked down to the Easter egg roll site where POTUS blew the whistle for the little ones to begin their roll.

"ready everybody?" POTUS said cheerfully before blowing the whistle.

POTUS blew the whistle a second time to switch groups and then blew the whistle again to start that crowd. He was smiling as he looked at the kids playing, but fore starting to move on.

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