Pool. Report 1

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Pool ushered into Roosevelt Room 11:10 am and left in place for 20 mins as POTUS, VPOTUS, Ivanka, Dina Powell and SBA head Linda McMahon extolled the contributions of women entrepreneurs and small business owners to the economy and listened to the inspiring stories of ten women around the table. POTUS praised‎ McMahon for working 24 hours a day. "I'm trying to keep up with you," she said

POTUS said empowering and promoting women in business is a "top priority" for his administration. He announced that daughter Ivanka would be visiting Germany "very soon" @ Chancellor Merkel's invitation to discuss the national initiative she is leading on women in woekplace.

VPOTUS said POTUS best friend small business in America wd ever have and best friend women in business will ever have

A woman named Lisa Phillips (ck spelling when WH releases attendees_) who trains and hires the homeless said, "This is a country of second chances so I employ people who need a chance." she said she was previously homeless herself and wd be getting her MBA in May. "You're all invited!" she said

One woman noted there were 4 Latinas around the table and she was one of them. Several of the businesses described were immigrant friendly. Another woman said she was drawn to create her business by the country's changing demographics, noting we would soon be majority minority

Newly minted senior advisor Ivanka Trump Kushner didn't say much beyond thanking the women for what they're doing. But a chorus of "thank you Ivanka" left no doubt about who they credit with this initiative.

Will send info on attendees ASAP

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