Pool report #1 - Trump arrives at G 20

From: "Phillip, Abby"
Date: July 7, 2017 at 10:41:45 AM GMT+2
Subject: Pool report #1 - Trump arrives at G 20

President Trump was announced for his G 20 welcome photo at 10:32 am local time. He greeted German Prime Minister Angela Merkel with a handshake as they met in the middle for their photograph.

The two leaders stood for a few moments before Trump walked out to the right. He gave Merkel a friendly shoulder clasp as he walked away.

The world leaders (most of whom entered before Trump), filed into a meeting room as a group. Trump was spotted walking into the room behind Putin and Merkel, who were chatting.

NEC Director Gary Cohn and Keith Schiller, head of Oval Office Operations were seen chatting with a small group in the main hall.

We are now holding...

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