Pool Report 1, VP Pence meets with Estonian President Kesti Kaljulaid

From: "Nicholas, Peter"
Date: July 31, 2017 at 9:37:28 AM GMT+
Subject: Pool Report 1, VP Pence meets with Estonian President Kesti Kaljulaid

At 9 a.m. local time, Vice President Mike Pence's motorcade arrived at the Office of the President of the Republic, a salmon-colored building located in Kadriorg Park.

The vice president left his car and was greeted by Estonia's president, Kesti Kaljulaid.

The two shook hands before entering the building, passing a military guard.

They climbed a set of stairs and posed for photos in front of their respective national flags. Mr. Pence then sat at a small table and signed a guest book.

At that, they entered a conference room for a meeting dubbed as a "listening session on cyber and innovation."

Mr. Pence sat across from Ms. Kaljulaid at a long table accommodating each country's delegation. Sitting to his right was his chief of staff, Nick Ayers.

Mr. Pence, in brief remarks before the press pool was ushered out, said: "Europe has no greater partner than the United States of America."

Continuing: "We admire your leadership and your devotion to freedom. It's a privilege to be with you.

"I bring greetings from President Donald Trump, who asked me to come here today with a very simple message, that is to say, we are with you, we stand with you on behalf of your freedom and ours.

"And I'm also grateful to be able to meet with your team and talk about cyber-security. We greatly admire the fact that Estonia has come to be known around the world as E–stonia. You’ve been a leader in cyber government, cyber security, and my entire team is looking forward to hearing about your experience and ways we can work together to advance peace and security ..."

Pool is now holding, awaiting the vice president's meeting with the leaders of the three Baltic states.

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