Pool report 12: South Korea arrival

From: Alice Ollstein [mailto:xxx@email.com]
Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2017 6:18 PM
Subject: Pool report 12: South Korea arrival

Pool, joined by dozens of other members of the White House press corps and foreign press, was escorted to the South Portico at 5:39 to watch President Trump and the First Lady receive  President Moon of the Republic of Korea and First Lady Kim Jung-sook.

President Trump emerged at 6 with the First Lady, walking stony-faced down a red carpet flanked by an honor guard bearing the American and South Korean flags.

Reporters shouted questions about North Korea and this morning's tweets about Mika, which POTUS did not acknowledge. The limousine pulled up a few minutes later. POTUS and FLOTUS smiled warmly and shook hands with Moon and Jung-sook.

Korean press shouted "Welcome Mr. President!" in Korean and Moon turned and waved and called back "Thank you!" (Many thanks to a visiting reporter for the translation).

The four posed for pictures and then turned and went inside.

Pool is now holding in the East Wing of the White House for a potential spray at the dinner.

Alice Miranda Ollstein

Talking Points Memo


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