Pool report 13: dinner spray

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Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2017 6:40 PM
Subject: Pool report 13: dinner spray

Pool was brought in to the State Dining Room at 6:21. About two dozen guests sat around a long, lavishly set table adorned with fresh flowers.

President Trump spoke over the clatter of camera shutters, saying welcome to Moon, who sat immediately to his right, saying it was a "great honor" to have him and "your very beautiful, lovely wife."

"We very much respect you and very much respect the people of South Korea," POTUS said.

He continued: "We're going to have tremendous discussions tonight" that may go late into the evening, on topics including "North Korea and trade and other things."  POTUS also congratulated Moon on his election victory, saying: "It was a great victory. A lot of people didn't expect that. I did expect it. I thought that was going to happen. So I want to congratulate you very much."

A quartet of string musicians played classical music in an adjoining room. Pool was ushered out at 6:26. As we left, your pooler observed POTUS and President Moon speaking through translators who bent over their shoulders.

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