Pool report #2

Pool went into Oval Office a little after 11:30 am. President was by himself behind desk, ready to sign three month extension of mass transit and highway funding bill, passed by Senate Thursday and House Wednesday.

President wee in gentle, slightly bemused lecture mode, using signing as opportunity to implore Congress to pass longer-term funding, and reauthorized Import Export bank. And pass a budget without sequestration.

Businesses can't plan, can't hire, if theyrr uncertain funding will be there, he said.

''Its a bad way for the US government to do business,'' he said.

"We should not be leaving all the business of the US government until the last minute."

The export import bank "creates tens of thousands of jobs across the. country," he said.

He recalled how in Ethiopia, there was discussion of Boeing sales of airliners to Ethiopia's airlines, and how lack of financing could trickle down to smaller businesses that supply Boeing.

Congress will only have a few weeks after return to complete budget. The administration "will not accept sequester level budgets." he said. Cuts to education would hurt lonterm growth, he said.

Slyly, the president said "although I wish Congress well for the next six weeks, they deserve time with their families, refuel a little bit," he hopes "everyone comes back with a spirit of compromise."

"We can't keep on funding transportation by the seat of our pants," he said. "Tars just not how the greatest country (in the world) does business. I guarantee you that's not how China, Germany and other countries around the world handle their infrastructure."

US can't wait for "bridges collapsing, potholes unfilled" to fund infrastructure improvements.

Congress needs "intra-party negotiations as well as negotiations between the parties," he said.

With that, he signed the bill and took nonquestions. Seemed in good spirits, rose from desk to wish pool a good weekend as it was ushered out.

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