Pool Report #2 - more NAFTA news, some more from Oval Spray

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Subject: Pool Report #2 - more NAFTA news, some more from Oval Spray

Your pooler asked POTUS in the luncheon spray whether he had a timeframe in mind for the NAFTA renegotiation. "It'll start very soon. It's actually starting today." POTUS ignored a Q on Michael Flynn.

Pool was ushered into the Cabinet Room at noon for the working lunch. Packed room, simultaneous translation set up. POTUS made one announcement: "Given the risks of our increasing dependence on the Internet, President Macri and I have agreed to launch a new, bilateral cyber working group which will help protect the security and economic interests of both of our countries. And we be working on that very hard. Our companies, Internet users and the global cyber community will all be getting together. We will be working diligently."

And POTUS made a couple of jokes, noting that Macri will host the G20 summit next year in Buenos Aires. "Where I will be going, I suspect. I think I've been invited by you [laughter] I've known him a long time, maybe he won't be inviting me." And he joked about how long they have known each other. "It's a great day when two friends, friends that have known each other for many many years - I won't even tell you how many years, but I knew him when he was young, believe me, and he knew me when I was pretty young.

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Apologies, but your pooler was ushered out of the Oval Office with a muscular set of Thank You Thank Yous  BEFORE the Argentine president had spoken. Some defiant stragglers may have been able to get sound from Macri, but your pooler, who tried to scramble back into position, was unable to. Your pooler has been told that the lunch spray has been killed.

Asked by an Argentine reporter whether he'd resolve the trade dispute over Argentine lemons. "I know all about the lemons. And believe it or not the lemon business is a big, big business." Why not just say yes, the reporter called out. POTUS said the US will "give that very serious consideration" and that he was "very favorably disposed."

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