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Pool was escorted into the East Room at 2:46pm for POTUS' event with small businesses. POTUS and Ivanka Trump entered the East Room at 3:13pm, accompanied by administrator of the U.S Small Business Administration Linda McMahon.

POTUS began his remarks right away.

Here are some of POTUS' remarks: please cross reference with transcript:

I am pleased to welcome members of congress and so many entrepreneurs to the White House to celebrate the work of the Small Business Administration as it enters its 65th year... I want to thank administrator Linda McMahon for helping small business..."

Also want to thank my daughter Ivanka for her incredible work....

America is in the golden age of small business. We're ending job-killing legislation.... We're eliminating the massive restrictions on American energy. Numbers are going to be released next week that are going to be earth shattering... And [we are] pursuing bold tax cuts.

Our stock market has reached an all time high today.... And [the media doesn't] talk about another factor... That unemployment just came at a 16-year low.

I think to me maybe the biggest is the gdp for the quarter just released at 2.6%. That's so much higher than anticipated.

The jobs are coming pouring back, factories are coming pouring back into our country.

We're unleashing a new era of American prosperity perhaps like we have never seen it before.

I'm very inspired to be in the company of such motivated entrepreneurs, people who I really respect because I know what it takes. You're the dreamers and the innovators who are powering us into the future. And myself and my administration will be there with you ever single step of the way.

POTUS finished his remarks at 3:19pm to a resounding standing ovation. As he made his way out of the East Room he shook hands and waved as the people continued cheering and waving back.

POTUS left the room at around 3:20pm.

Ivanka Trump took the floor then, introducing McMahon and congratulating her on her work thus far.

McMahon began her remarks at around 3:24pm

"it is my goal to make sure that about a year from now SBA is no longer a secret"

McMahon wrapped up her comments at 3:26pm and the floor was opened up for questions.

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