Pool report 3

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Subject: Pool report 3

A small desk with presidential seal was set up in the Roosevelt Room. POTUS entered to applause, taking seat and exclaiming this is a child's desk! "It's the smallest desk I've ever seen." laughter all around from state and local officials assembled to celebrate POTUS signing 4 bills under the Congressional Review Act.

"Only one time in our history did a President sign A bill to cancel federal regulations," POTUS said. He wd continue to use the CRA "To remove every job killing regulation we can find" He promised "a lot more coming."

He singled out the governors of Missouri and Utah and Lt Gov of Kentucky. Also standing rite behind him was Wyoming Sen Barrasso. Other lawmakers with a direct interest in the regs being lifted who were present: Alaska Sen Murkowski and Rep Don Young; Rep Virginia Foxx, NC; Wsconsin Sen Ron Johnson and Education Secretary DeVos.

The bills POTUS signed with great flourish are HR Res 37, 44, 57 and 58.

POTUS said 37 "rolls back the so called black listed rule‎ ...one of the greatest treats to growing American busineses...a disaster...makes it easy for trial lawyers to go after" people.

He described 44 as two or three "federal power grabs...which is never good, and 57 and 58 as "removing an additional layer of bureaucracy to encourage freedom in our schools."

POtUS was jovial thruout relishing the moment and holding up each bill for the cameras. He handed out multiple signing pens as souvenirs. "This was a lot of work by a lot of people to get this done," he said. "It will lead to a lot more jobs for a lot more people."

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