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The White House provided a nearly hour long background briefing to reporters to review yesterday's refugee/visa executive order and to preview three executive actions that may be announced later today. According to a senior administration official, the White House may release an executive action that outlines a reorganization of the National Security Council. The official said that another executive action would implement a five year lobbying ban on administration officials and a lifetime ban on administration officials lobbying for a foreign country. The official said a third executive action would call on military leaders to present a report to the president in 30 days that outlines a strategy for defeating ISIS. In regards to Friday's executive order, green card holders from one of the seven affected countries who are currently outside the United States will need a case by case waiver to return to the United States, according to the official. Those green card holders in the United States will have to meet with a consular officer before leaving the country, the official said. The official heaped praise on officials at the State Department and Department of Homeland Security who have been working on implementing Friday's executive order. "This White House conveys its deepest appreciation to everyone involved in the implementation of this order, and that’s been formally conveyed to the managers of both State and Homeland Security," the official said. The official said there had been conversations between administration officials and State and Homeland Security officials about the executive order for many weeks. More specifics from the briefing and quotes TK.

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