Pool report 3 - lunch color

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Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2017 12:30 PM
Subject: Pool report 3 - lunch color

The attendees at the working lunch were packed around the Cabinet Room table, with two large cabinet-looking structures at the north side of the table that seemed to be the transmission devices for the simultaneous translation. Each attendee had a microphone in front of them - when POTUS spoke from his written statement, a red light near the top of the microphone lit up. Your pooler has asked for attendees, but quick glance showed McMaster, Ross, Pence, Tillerson, Kushner, Dina Powell. Your pooler loves foreign policy but must confess that he would not recognize Argentine government notables even if they were squeezing your pooler for information about POTUS's plans for their lemon exports. (Please don't squeeze your pooler for any reason).

They had settings of formal White House china, burgundy and gold plates with the presidential seal in gold on the middle of the plate. A team of White House kitchen staff waited in the hallway outside Spicer's office, seemingly prepping food. Your pooler stole an indiscrete glance at the menu - appeared that dover sole meunière was the main course, but it was hard to be sure. The menu featured interlocked US and Argentine flags. Each setting had a couple of forks on the left, a couple of knives on the right, a spoon and a fork at noon above the plate. Water glasses in front of each person at the lunch.

POTUS spoke from a written statement. Your pooler could hear his remarks being translated into Spanish. When Macri spoke, the US side reached for their earpieces.

Your pooler welcomes any questions about the remarks, but at this point the transcripts will likely beat your pooler's own transcription.

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