Pool Report 4: Oval spray with Italian PM

From: "Memoli, Michael"
Subject: Pool Report 4: Oval spray with Italian PM

Pool entered the Oval Office at 3:06pm where POTUS was seated beside Prime Minister Gentiloni of Italy.

"A great welcome to the prime minister of Italy," POTUS told the assembling scrum. "W'ere going to have a long discussion and it's a great, great honor to have you."

Gentiloni said he was pleased to be here. Speaking in English, he said he told the president he awaited his visit to Sicily (for next month's G7 Summit).

POTUS said he "looked forward to that very much," and pointing to the pool said many would be going as well.

The two leaders shook hands.

Wranglers then ushered pool out, putting in extra effort to clear selfie-taking Italian counterparts.

No other aides were spotted in the room during our brief time there.

Photo included. [image1.JPG]

Mike Memoli


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