POOL Report #4 -- WH return

From: Alexis Simendinger
Date: June 25, 2017 at 2:30:50 PM EDT
Subject: POOL Report #4 -- WH return

‎Sunday June 25, 2017

At 2:18 pm, POTUS motorcade was back at the WH.

Press vans paused in driveway location in a way that prevented press from seeing the president exit any vehicle. By the time we swung around, SUVS had emptied out.

Travel/photo lid called at 2:24 pm.

Lindsay Walters said she had no details to share about the president's ‎golf companions. If Pool gets confirmation from the first lady's press office that the president's father-in-law joined him in Virginia, pool will send another report. Pool has asked....

Good afternoon, all.

Alexis Simendinger

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