Pool Report #5

From: Chris Johnson
Date: May 29, 2017 at 12:34:21 PM EDT
Subject: Pool Report #5

Motorcade started moving at 12:09 as another gun salute was heard in the background and service members stood at attention along the route in Arlington Cemetery.

But the next destination wasn't the White House. POTUS took a detour to visit the grave site of Secretary Kelly's son Robert at Section 60 of Arlington Cemetery, per the White House.

Joining POTUS after he exited the motorcade, pool saw POTUS encounter a women carrying flowers among the tombstones. He accepted a yellow rose from him.

Pool had a hard time hearing their exchange. The woman was emotional and many times said, "I so appreciate." Presumably she was a Gold Star mother. She told POTUS someone's "name was Jimmy."

POTUS listened to her sympathically, then spoke to another woman next to her. VPOTUS hugged the woman carrying the flowers.

POTUS then took a photo with a male youth in a T-shirt. It wasn't immediately clear whether he had a relation to the woman.

"Your father would be so proud of you," POTUS told the youth.

Seen accompanying POTUS was Kellyanne Conway and Stephen Miller.

Also seen was DHS Secretary John Kelly. Radio pooler April Ryan asked him what the day means for him. "Sad," Kelly replied succinctly.

Pool escorted at 12:18 back to motorcade, which started rolling minutes later.


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