Pool report #6

From: "Freedman, Dan"
Date: July 19, 2017 at 5:32:17 PM EDT
TSubject: Pool report #6

POTUS was behind schedule when he walked into the East Room to meet the CEOs of American manufacturers (list provided in previous report). It was part of ``Made in America Week.’’

Applause greeted him as he entered. He went around the quadrangle of tables, shaking hands with each one and then sat in the center of the eastern side. Check quotes against transcript.


``Remember the old days? We used to say `Made in the USA.’’’ (US had a lot of pride in products, a lot of jobs tied up in manufacturing.)

(Stock market doing well, setting records, employment numbers are up. But manufacturing needs help.)

``From Day One, my administration has (moved to) crack down on foreign companies that cheat, and there are a lot of them.’’

`Made in America’ is ``a stamp of excellence. It’s a badge of honor.’’

``When American workers have a level playing field, they cannot be beaten. They have not had a level playing field in a long time.’’

(His speech is more about cheating than foreign trade deals that have undercut U.S. manufacturing over the long haul. He promises to crack down on foreign pirating of US brands.) ``They take our intellectual property like we’re a bunch of babies, but no longer.’’

``Every day we are putting America first.’’

``During the campaign, we had a slogan a few of you might have heard: Make America Great Again.’’ (More applause)


POTUS then went around the room asking the CEOs which they prefer, ``Made in America’’ or ``Made in the USA.’’ He even asked Steve Holland of Reuters which he preferred. Holland demurred.

Many of the CEOs brought their products along for show-and-tell. Among them: Pillows, spoons, an Army helmet, a copper cup, and an oversized pair of pliers.

POTUS questioned the two executives from Sherrill Manufacturing in Sherrill N.Y., after one said they were the only manufacturer of flatware left in the U.S.

``That’s incredible,’’ the president said. ``That’s a helluva statement.’’

There was a story the president told about how under the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia during the Cold War, drivers of Eastern-Bloc automobiles taped dollar bills on their windshields as a sign of respect for American craftsmanship their cars may have lacked. Definitely check this against the transcript!

Vice President Mike Pence and Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta also made brief remarks.

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