Pool report #8

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Pool was escorted into the Roosevelt Room again at 1:02pm where POTUS is having lunch with Harley Davidson executives and union representatives.

"Just looking for an opportunity to share the great story of Harley Davidson"Matthew J. Levatich of Harley Davidson

Trump POTUS, VPOTUS and chief of staff Reince Priebus entered into the room and greeted the workers at 1:09pm. There were place markers for senior counselor Steve Bannon ans senior advisorJared Kushner, but they did not enter the room.

Some remarks:

"Great to have Harley Davidson. What great, great group of people. Thank you for all the work you did in Wisconsin. Harley Davidson is a true American icon. One of the greats. Your motorcycles have carried American service members into war and take care of our police officers."

"Thank you Harley Davidson for building... In America...."

"I'm especially honored to welcome the steel workers and the machinist to the WH. You folks have been terrific to me. Sometimes your top people didn't support me but the steel workers supported me. "

We want to make it easier for business to create more jobs and more factories to be made in the US and you're a great example of that. And that means we have to make America the best country in the world to do business and that's what we're currently doing.

"We're redoing nafta...and we're negotiating properly with countries. A lot of countries have been taken advantage of us."

I love Australia as a country but we had a problem but for whatever reason president Obama said we'd take probably well over 1000 illegal immigrants who were in prisons and take them into this country and I just said why?....Why are we doing this. What's the purpose. We'll see what happens. Previous administration does something you have to respect that but you can also say why are we doing this.

We have wonderful allies and we're going to keep it that way but we need to be treated fairly also. In this administration our allegiance will be to the American workers of the American business like Harley Davidson.

I really appreciate support, your workers in particular. I want to thank the ppl of Wisconsin in particular....That was a big shocker that evening. Wow I'll never forget... Wisconsin just went for Trump and then Michigan went for Trump and then Pennsylvania... So just great people, amazing people.

Pool shouted out questions at the end of trumps remarks:

When asked if military action was off the table in Iran POTUS said "nothing's off the table."

When asked about easing Russian sanctions, POTUS said "I haven't eased anything"

Pool was escorted out of the Roosevelt Room at 1:15pm.

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