Pool Report No. 2 – American Legion Rose Garden

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Subject: Pool Report No. 2 – American Legion Rose Garden

President Trump entered the Rose Garden at 3:11pm to speak to more than 100 American Legion boys and Auxiliary girls.

A female reporter a shouted a question about the president’s new ban on transgender troops as soon as he was finished speaking, to which Trump responded: “She’s very rude.”

Trump spoke for about 10 minutes, commending the young men and women for all that they’ve accomplished “basically at such a young age.”

“Each of you were chosen out of many thousands of people. They’re calling in. They want to get into the White House,” Trump said.

“Are you all happy that you’re here?” he asked, drawing shouts of “yes!”

The president took time to honor Robert “Bob” Turner, the American Legion’s former national commander, who is in his 35th year as a volunteer for the organization.

“Thousands of young Americans are better patriots because of your… steadfast service,” Trump said to Bob, who joined him on stage.

Trump advised the young men and women to find their purposes in life “and never give up.”

“Never quit. Never give up. Take care of your family and your parents,” he added.

These piece of advice came shortly after Trump mentioned his election victory.

“Just think of the amazing moments in history you will witness in your lifetime. You saw one on November 8, right?”

Trump left the Rose Garden and re-entered the Oval at 3:25pm, after the

girls and boys

finished singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

More information from a White House official:

Today at the White House, President Donald J. Trump will take a photo with and deliver remarks to delegates of the American Legion Boys Nation and American Legion Auxiliary Girls Nation. These programs play a critical role in educating the next generation of leaders on the importance of being engaged citizens and carrying on our Nation’s traditions. As part of “American Heroes Week,” this event focuses on fostering the heroes of the future, and the commitment the Trump Administration has toward providing a better future for all Americans.


98 Boys Nation Delegates
100 Girls Nation Delegates
American Legion leadership and staff


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Washington Bureau Chief

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